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Islamic Spain: Lessons For Today (Zlatica Hoke)
Fearsome Dilemma for Spain's Muslims (Isambard Wilkinson)
A Spanish bridge to Islam (Sara B. Miller)
From Golden Age to an Embattled Faith... (Stevenson Swanson)
Where the Moors Held Sway... (Craig S. Smith)
Muslims in a Nervous Spain Try to Burnish their Image (Joshua Levitt)
Islam's Claim on Spain (Tracy Wilkinson)
Spain's Muslims: Living on Society's Edge (Bettina Ambach)
Islam's Spanish Eyes (Blake Gopnik)
Let Us Be Moors: Islam, Race and "Connected Histories" (Hisham Aidi)
Spain’s Alien Nation (Rodrigo De Zayas)
Spain Being ‘Taken Back to Moorish Times’ (Giles Tremlett)
Judeo-Christian-Muslim heritage (Syed A. Ahsani)

The Muslims in Latin America (Yusuf Hallar)
Islam Under Wraps (Jamal Arif)
Latin American Muslims Discuss Image In Media (Islamonline.net)
Competing for Souls (Susana Hayward)
Arabs blood flows through Latin American veins (Angus MacSwan)
Islam in Brazil (Maria Moreira)
The Muslim Community in Chile - Origins and Dreams (Salma Elhamalawy)
Islam in Ecuador (Yahya Juan Suquillo)
In Brazil, Teaching the Koran in the Original (Isaura Daniel)
Islam in Cuba (Sheikh Muhammad Al-Aboudy)
Some Cubans Are Converting To Islam (Rui Ferreira)
Muslims in Panama (Dr. AbdulKhabeer Muhammad)
Faith resents terror allegations (Michele Salcedo)
Latin America's First Mega-Mosque (Chris Moss)

Islam in Mexico (Michelle Al-Nasr)
Spanish Muslim mission grows in Mexico (Susan Ferriss)
Radical Islam Takes Root in Chiapas (Jan McGirk)
The Spiritual Journey of Chiapas' Tzotzil Maya to Islam (Islamonline.net)
Islam Gains Toehold in Mexico's Zapatista Country (Alistair Bell)
Praying To Allah In Mexico (Jens Glüsing)
Ramadan in Mexico (IslamOnline)
Islam taking root in southern Mexico (Dudley Althaus)
The Mexican Kitchen's Islamic Connection (Rachel Laudan)

New Muslims to Islam (Marina Jiménez)
Muslim kids want you to know (Amber Bollman, etal)
Funny, Shazia Mirza looks Muslim... (Jonathan Curiel)
Ministering to U.S. Muslims (David Yonke)
Muslim immigration draws converts (Jason Keyser)
New Muslim Converts Encounter Charity by the Closetful (Mary A. Jacobs)
Converts To Islam Find It Is Their Religion Of Choice (Mai Li Muñoz Adams)
Low caste Hindus 'prefer Islam' (BBC News)
City of Diversity: Muslim New Yorkers (Dilshad D. Ali)
Muslims find revival in US amid hostility (Geneive Abdo)
White Muslim From L.A. to New York to...jihad? (Brendan Bernhard)
Arabs Seek Allies (Ron Howell)
Islam in Amarillo, Texas (Robert L. Kaiser)
Rio Grande Valley Muslims (Allen Essex)
A Place To Pray (Kevin Garcia)
Islam in Arkansas (David Koon)
New Faith, Old Hurdles (Mark I. Pinsky)
Allah in America (Kathy Pinto)

The Islamic Community In The United States... (Muhammed Abdullah Ahariof)
Muslims in the Americas before Columbus (Dr. Youssef Mroueh)
Muslims were in America before Columbus! (Jose V. Pimienta-Bey)
Muslims In America Prior To Columbus (Amir Nashid Ali Muhammad)
Muslim Legacy in Early Americas (Jose V. Pimienta-Bey)
Islam and Columbus' America (Dr. T. B. Irving)
Islam in America before Columbus (Hisham Zoubeir)
Columbus: What If? (Aileen Vincent-Barwood)
Melungeons? (Brent Kennedy)